18 | 09 | 2021

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Smart Monitoring of Historic Structures


Historic structures constitute important part of our cultural heritage which we in turn have a duty to pass to future generations in the full richness of their authentic architecture and materials. The conservation of these structures presents a fascinating and diverse range of scientific challenges; in particular the need to protect them effectively from the environmental degradation is widely recognised. Diagnostic monitoring so far has been largely limited to acquisition of climate parameters and air pollution levels used as input into functions or models predicting damage. The limitations of the approach in assessing precisely the risk of damage to a concrete historic structure in its specific environment lead inevitably to a search for scientific methods of direct tracing damage: noninvasive, continuous, simple, economic and capable of operating in the real-world conditions.

SMooHS project coordinator

Dr. Markus Krüger
University of Stuttgart

Project partners

No. Partner name EU short name Country
1 MPA Universität Stuttgart (external link) USTUTT (MPA) Germany
2 AuRA Bärbel Dieruff Karl Fiedler GbR Restorers AuRA Germany
3 IWB Universität Stuttgart (external link) USTUTT (IWB) Germany
4 Accademia Europea Bolzano (external link) EURAC Italy
5 Alma Mater Studiorum – Universitá di Bologna (external link) UNIBO Italy
6 Rathgen Research Laboratory - National Museums Berlin (external link) RRL Germany
7 Polish Academy of Sciences (external link) PASc Poland
8 Technisches Büro Käferhaus (external link) TBK Austria
9 TTI GmbH – TGU Smartmote (external link) TTI Germany
10 Metalmobile S.R.L. Metalmobile Italy
11 Artemis srl (external link) Artemis Italy
12 Consorzio Cetma (external link) CETMA Italy
13 Riwaq - Centre for Architectural Conservation (external link) RIWAQ Palestinian-administered areas
14 Faculty of Civil Engineering – University of Zagreb (external link) UNIZAG Croatia